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Elementary Book syllabus

The Elementary Book level is divided into units - each unit can be taught as a separate lesson.
There are three graded worksheets in every unit.
Worksheet 1 is a whole class activity with mp3 soundtrack embedded in it. It tries to be at a level suitable for the whole class.
Worksheet 2 is aimed at the more gifted children.
Worksheet 3 includes puzzles, games and non written tasks for a fun challenge.
Click on each worksheet image for more information and MP3 demos.

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Unit 19 revision
Unit 01 colours
Unit 02 colours
Unit 03 Song 'Frère Jacques'
Unit 04 numbers
Unit 05 numbers
Unit 06 Calling the register
Unit 07 Song 'un oiseau deux oiseaux'
Unit 08 Game
Unit 09 revision
Unit 10 Song 'Cinq petits vers'
Unit 11 Clothes
Unit 12 Clothes
Unit 13 Song 'Où est le grand lion?'
Unit 14 Food
Unit 15 Food
Unit 16 'Comment tu t'appelles?'
Unit 17 Song 'Savez-vous planter les choux?'
Unit 18 Game snakes and ladders
Unit 20 Song 'Je vois deux chaussettes'
Unit 21 Animals
Unit 22 Animals
Unit 23 Song 'Toc! Toc! Toc!'
Unit 24 Fruit
Unit 25 Vegetables
Unit 26 "Quel âge as-tu?'
Unit 27 Song 'J'adore les glaces.'
Unit 28 Fairy Tales
Unit 29 Revision
Unit 30 Song 'la soupe aux légumes"
Unit 31 Head
Unit 32 Body
Unit 33 Song 'Alouette'
Unit 34 Hobbies
Unit 35 Toys
Unit 36 'Où habites-tu?'
Unit 37 Song 'C'est mon anniversaire'
Unit 38 Toy shop
Unit 39 Revision
Unit 40 Countryside
Unit 41 Countryside
Unit 42 Song 'Sur le pont d'Avignon'
Unit 43 Seaside
Unit 44 Transport
Unit 45 'Bonjour! Ça va?'
Unit 46 Song "Un kilomètre en vélo'
Unit 47 Revision
Unit 48 At Home
Unit 49 Family
Unit 50 Song 'Papa, Maman, David, Anne'
Unit 51 Drinks (J'ai soif)
Unit 52 Pencilcase
Unit 53 Song 'Bonne Nuit, Dors Bien'