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Les deux petits rats e-book download (pc only)


COMPATIBLE WITH PCs ONLY There's no need to buy a hard copy of the e-book. You can download it directly onto your computer for immediate use. An enchanting Christmas story of two rats who emerge from underground to discover a bright new world. They gather clothing and food from bins, meet new friends and hold a party to celebrate Christmas.

Hear the story read to you as you turn the pages with the click of a mouse. There is an audio "on/off" button.

This e-book is licensed for one home or institution only.
It cannot be broadcast via the website or emailed.
Age 6 - 10 yrs 19 pages + vocabulary

Introduces clothing, household waste, animals, greetings, food and adjectives.

une écharpe (scarf)
une jupe (skirt)
un chapeau (hat)
des chaussures (shoes)
un manteau (coat)
une boucle d'oreille (earring)

une peau de banane (banana skin)
un pot de yaourt (yoghurt pot)
un papier de bonbon (sweet wrapper)
une boite d'allumettes (matchbox)
un torchon (cloth)
un anneau (ring pull)

le chat (cat)
le chien (dog)
le renard (fox)
le hérisson (hedgehog)
le lapin (rabbit)
le blaireau (badger)

Ca va?

un petit gateau (bun)
une tranche de pizza (slice of pizza)
un trognon de pomme (apple core)
une cuisse de poulet (chicken leg)
un sandwich (sandwich)
des frites (chips)

noir (black)
triste (sad)
curieux (curious)
blanc (white)
étonné (surprised)
froid (cold)
ravi (delighted)
rigolo (funny)
élégant (elegant)
amusant (amusing)
heureux (happy)
sympa (friendly)
faim (hungry)
gourmand (greedy)
excellent (excellent)
délicieux (delicious)
bon (good)
impatient (excited)